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do useful is a smart solution for increasing your effectiveness while studying online.

do useful is based on research from the world's leading universities to make sure you complete your chosen course.

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How many times have you enrolled in an online course, but didn't complete it?

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do useful makes sure that you use your time effectively, and it helps you to fight procrastination.

Make it convenient

Smart algorithms allow you to receive notifications at convenient time to you.

Become a better learner

Be smart and learn from others' mistakes. do useful includes the most recent research on features that the best learners have in common. Now, this knowledge is available to you.

Control your time

Simply set your goals, create your rules, and receive intelligent notifications when you're ready to do something useful.

Built by researchers

do useful applies a set of theories from educational psychology and behaviour change techniques developed by world-leading researchers to help you progress in your study.

The uncompleted course is a lost opportunity. Join the community of effective online learners.

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